Recycle-a-Bike started life over 3 years ago in a small back room in Hillingdon hospital.  We began with just a handful of eager volunteers, a basic tool kit and two old bikes.  After a couple of weeks of stripping, repairing and recycling unused bikes, the group and the concept of the project grew rapidly...


...It was time to expand!


So over the next nine months, funding was achieved and a disused garage was obtained for our new home.  With lots of hard working volunteers, we now have a fully functioning workshop that can undertake a huge amount of cycle repairs.


There are a number of services we provide and specific objectives that we aim to achieve:

  • To recycle disused bikes, cutting down the number of cycles destined for landfill sites.
  • To encourage service users and the local community to cycle more, reducing emissions and congestion in the local area.
  • To provide a cycle repair service for the general public.
  • To provide volunteer work opportunities for service users and community members. 
  • To achieve charitable status.
  • To become a City & Guilds training centre in cycle mechanics.
  • To provide affordable bikes for sale to the local community. 
  • To promote improved health and fitness through cycling.