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E-Bike Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

E-Bikes, E-mountain bikes, E-Gravel Bikes, E-Commuters, be nice to them!

They're easy to maintain, all you need to do is put together a simple routine that makes owning an E-Bike simple and fun (if that's your bag)

Essential LEDs tell you when it's time to charge.
E-Bike vital signs

Do look after your battery

Your battery is the heart of your e-bike. It loves to be looked after and pampered. Avoid leaving it in a near discharged state in a cold garden shed or garage. It will go past the point of no return and never come back! Remember your battery, be it, Bosch, Shimano or Yamaha, etc. costs MONEY. My battery is around £450.

Don't fall in love with HIGH setting

High settings such as 'turbo' or 'high' is so much fun! You'll kill hills which were once a miserable slog. It's seductive, but you'll be pedaling home 'powerless' before you know it. Your battery is strong but it won't last a day in that mode. Find a happy balance from your input and your motor's, and you're winning.

Don't Select a high gear for start offs

Like a motorbike or car, you won't win many friends if you start off from traffic lights in 3rd gear. You'll grovel away with the engine laboring, or at worst, you'll stall. Gears have to be changed when in motion, to avoid the chain grinding across the cassette which can strain the motor as it tries to haul you away from a standing start.

Do ride in sensible gears

Like above, mashing your gears is not good for you or the e-bike. Shimano Steps will apply power to your drive up to 25 kph, regardless of what gear you are in. It's just so obedient! If you do try to mash it all the time, you will get tired, your battery will get tired and possibly your chain will get tired.

Do look after your battery key

Your e-bike battery should be either out of sight (integrated) or locked externally. It goes without saying to keep it all locked up properly. I would also keep your spare key safe and also record your key number separately

Don't Submerse the motor unit

Your drive unit is almost the lowest point of your bike, so it will be submersed if you like trawling through flooded roads and pools of water off roads. However built-in gaskets do not make it watertight forever.

Do Charge your battery carefully

Your battery needs charging on a regular basis. We get that. Most units will have an auto cut off making it impossible to overcharge. However, because a battery will gradually discharge by itself even in an 'off' state, this constant mini recharging can gradually shorten its life.

Pimp your ride

No, seriously - upgrading your motor is not a good idea. An online counter-culture helps you 're-map' your e-bike electronically to speeds beyond 25km/h. I've actually ridden a bike capable of 30 mph. MPH!!! With a small bypass, you can ignore the inbuilt cut-out feature. At best you'll wreck your e-bike and warranty. At worst, you'll crash and seriously hurt yourself and others.

OK Here's the takeaway

  • Look after your battery and keep it topped up

  • Think of 'High' and 'Turbo' as luxuries while 'Normal' is OK

  • Use the right gear at the right time and ride efficiently

  • Your electric drive is not water tight indefinitely

  • Careful how you charge your battery

  • Upgrading your motor is not recommended and illegal (UK)

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